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Texas Rose - Thanks for the reply> I've never done more than a 3 tier cake, which is why i'm a bit nervous. To feed 250 I would need at least a 4 tier and I do not own pans bigger than 12 inch. The bride also mentioned she wants a "simple, elegant, in her budget cake". I will have to ask what her budget is before I even agree to make this cake. Thanks for the advice/tips. I'll check back here once I find out more details on her part.
Crazylady baker - Thanks for the response, and for the links! I will check with the bride to see if she really needs a cake to feed 250 ppl. I'm confused, because the last wedding I went to, when they served the wedding cake, one slice was cut in half. So if all wedding cakes are cut like that, that means that a cake that would normally feed 125 could feed 250 based on the way I remember seeing the cake sliced.
FOrgot to add that there will be a sweet table at the wedding
I have a request for my first wedding cake. Bride is looking for a cake to feed 250 ppl. Firstly I've never made a cake to feed that many ppl. Do I really make a cake to feed that many or do I cut the amt in half? What size cakes do I need to make? How many tiers needed? ANY advice would be much appreciated!!!
I just came across this post. I am also in the Toronto area and need an edible image printed for Sat May 14th. Can anyone help me find a contact??? Thanks!!!!
I made a big batch of whipped ganache as a filling for 2 cakes that I was supposed to make this wknd. However there was a death in the family, and I'm not making the cakes anymore. Can I freeze the whipped ganache? How long will it keep in the fridge? I made it on Thursday and could use it for a cake I'm filling on Tuesday, will it be okay in the fridge til then. Regardless, it's still a lot of filling and won't be able to use it for that one cake I'm making.Any...
I was thinking the exact same thing. Fondant is soooo expensive here, and satin ice is the most expensive and not as easily to get around here, I'm in Canada.
There was more than enough mmf for my cake so that wasn't an issue. It cracked on the sides of the cake as I was trying to smooth it down. The top part was perfect. I wonder if maybe the excess mmf weighed down the sides and pulled, resulting in cracks. Wish I had taken a pic to show you.
I made a cake planning to take to a function today. It's unpaid for, just taking it to show some of my beginner skills, lol. Anyway I've only done 2 fondant covered cakes, but each cake was only 2-3 inch high and I never had a problem with cracked mmf. This time around the cake was 4-5 inch high (filling included) and when I applied the fondant it cracked a lot at the bottom. I ripped it off and iced with SMBC instead. I had no extra MMF to work with.Anyone have any...
Thanks ladies for the quick responses! I just left it in the KA and beat the heck out of it til it came back to form!!! Ugghhhh sooooo relieved!!!
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