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I am interested in buying a cricut machine but have seen alot of posts talking about both the cricut cake and the original cricuts that I thought were for paper only. Can you use either machine for fondant/gumpaste or does it have to be the cricut cake machine only? Thanks!
Question for anyone who has done a bridal show/expo much should I be prepared to spend? Its going to cost me $300 for my booth. I want to maybe make 2 dummy wedding cakes, and take a few hundred samples of mini cupcakes. Im concerned with how much it will cost to decorate the booth (I have an image in my head of what i want but that image comes with an expensive price tag hehe) I know I have to set a budget aside from the $300 booth fee, and Im sure...
Hi! I need advice on how to correctly ship flat fondant cupcake topper that will be about 2 inches round and flat. I will be opening an etsy shop and I will be shipping these and need to know the correct way to package the toppers without them getting ruined. Thanks!
I am doing my first wedding cake soon and its a buttercream(my first as well I work mainly with fondant) and its 4 tiers. Will wooden dowels be enough support? Or should I figure out how to put a pvc pipe/board together?
So I bought the highlighter dust for that super metallic look, almost like melted gold and I've read that you mix it with alcohol or lemon extract. I tried both but niether worked. As i mix it, it looks as it should like a high metallic paint as soon as i stop mixing it seperates kinda like oil and water do. What am i doing wrong? I used Absolut vodka once and lemon extract once, both did the same thing. Please help!
So this week I need to do 100 toy story cookies of the characters faces. I do not have a KopyKat so Ive been trying to think of how to get each character uniform and equal to the last. I thought about doing a royal icing transfer so when i googled it i only found very little information on how to do it. Some said to piped the image on wax paper, let dry 24hrs then just plop it on top of the flooded icing when ready. Is that it? Anyone else have any tips or experience with...
I just ordered cupcake holders from Have you ever ordered from them and would you order again. Thats not a website name Ive heard around before so I am hoping it wasnt a fake site.
I just applied frosting to my cake and I normally leave it in refrigerator over night but since I am short of time this time and I have to start decorating it tonight, I was wondering how long should I leave it in the refrigerator to crust before it is safe to pull it out and apply fondant. Please help, Im making this cake today.
How in the world to cake artist get that metallic gold literally looks like you dipped your brush into melted gold liquid. I once bought a pearl dust, mixed with vodka and it only came out a little shimmery, then I went to a cake store and asked sales assoc. for luster dust since I heard thats what it was...went home tried what she gave me and it was exactly what I bought the first time. Not sure if she gave me wrong item or if I wasnt asking for the right...
I have the Wilton Alphabet cutters that you buy at craft stores and cake stores....How do you take the letters out of those tiny cutters without ruining them, I ruin most of them especially the "B". Ive seen other cake artists and it doesnt look like anything is wrong with their letters. What am I doing wrong?
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