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I brush it with shortening or even veg./olive oil sometimes. I will usually add a little luster dust to it, it really gives the cake a nice finish.
I can't see the picture, can you post it in website form?
As I said before, I know that this woman is a con-artist, I just don't understand what she gets out of it though. No one in their right mind would ever make a cake of this magnitude with out having a deposit that cleared weeks ahead of time and then a final payment that also cleared weeks ahead of time. So what could she possibly be hoping to gain by doing this?
thank you so much, great advice!
I LOVE this thread! Such a good idea : ) Here are a few of mine....$300 - 50 servings[/url]$195 - 65 servings[url]$135 - 150 mini cupcakes[/url]
I have never attempted stenciling before, but I will be making a tiered cake with the classic damask stencil on it. I have already decided that I should probably cover the cake in fondant instead of buttercream because everything I have read makes it sound like that will be easier for me for my first time. My question is, should I use buttercream or royal icing for the pattern? The pattern will be white, so I don't have to worry about bleeding, but I just want to make...
I used the luster spray from global sugar art for this cake, it's a little pricey, but I didn't have an air brush machine either. It works perfectly. [/img]
I've had my business for just over a year now, and I use mix almost exclusively. I've never had a single person ask me about it, I don't claim it's my own from scratch recipe, but I also don't advertise it either. As long as it tastes good and looks pretty, people are happy.
you can paint the inside layers of the cake with some simple syrup, and then do a raspberry preserve filling. As far as the buttercream, do a simple vanilla buttercream, or even white chocolate is nice, and follow the viva paper towel trick for smoothing.
there are so many avenues to get your name out there that are free, I wouldn't dole out any money for advertising unless you are seriously hurting for clients. If you want to be on a list of wedding vendors, there are lots of websites like weddingbook & decido that you can register for, for free.
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