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Have you read the ingredients of fondant lately?? Not to mention pepperoni!!!
I did it last September for DD1, and I'll be doing it next May for DD2. I insisted the design must be simple....smooth iced buttercream with fresh or silk flowers, and I baked and froze the layers ahead of time. We did 6-9-12-15 inch tiers of carrot cake iced and filled with Edna's crusting cream cheese icing. It was simple and beautiful and special because MOM made it!! I am just a hobbyist with a modest kitchen and it was totally doable. I had plenty of time to...
For future reference: Dream Whip has dairy ingredients. Some people with milk allergies can handle a tiny amount. Others, like my DH, will have a severe reaction to the milk derivatives in Dream Whip.I just thought you might want to know.
It's too sweet for me. But I think that's why some people like it so much. I have an uncle with a real sweet tooth, and he loves the "dream whip icing," which is what we've called it in our family since the 1970's when my grandma started making it.I prefer to use hi ratio shortening or butter (or a combination) when making American style buttercream to avoid the aftertaste of Crisco.
THAT is cool!
Bluehue, you are so going to get me in trouble....I promised DH that I'd try no new recipes for a month, 'cause he's training for a marathon, but now I've GOT to try these awesome sounding cakes!!!! Thanks so much for posting.
Isn't it amazing how good that stuff is???!!! They really captured the flavor.
LorAnn cheesecake flavoring will also bump up the flavor of vegan cream cheese icing. I don't like all the LorAnn flavors, but this one is yummy. I've made dairy-free "cream cheese" icing with and without tofutti, and with and without the LorAnn oil. My family members with dairy allergies prefer it with both. As Jason says, vegan will never be the same as dairy cream cheese, but you have to appreciate it for what it is. Paired with the right cake, vegan cream cheese...
SugarShack's technique involves using a bench scraper and turntable, followed by Viva, then computer paper. You won't believe the difference!
I was skeptical of the computer paper technique before I tried it, but wow! does it leave a flawless finish!! In humid weather, I do need to allow the icing to crust 10-15 minutes.
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