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Really glad you said that lizzy... So many people scoff at my £35 a figure price and most of my bride and grooms end up at £90... They take ages tho so not reducing my prices!
You guys are so lovely thanks for all your nice comment @maisie73 (tagged you to make sure you get to see this) I have that stand too and I really like it but is does bow forward slightly when laden and it can even bounce a bit when people walk past so you absolutely must glue smaller drum boards under your cake boards so they sit inside the rings and hold the cakes on, if you don't they will definitely slide off! Hope that makes sense
Thanks Kate! know there'll be no listening to her after I've credited her in front of the entire extended family... most of whom she's never met! What a first impression! (Kinda looking ing forward to showing her off truth be told but don't tell her I said that!)
Thanks everyone it was actually Mrs Grays design! She has some amazing ideas... Granted some pants ones too lol but usually amazing
Thanks the details inside are all slightly 3d made in SP... That's really the bit that took the time.... its a bit more cartoony than I wanted but I like it.
I'm going to buy one of those blankets thanks so much, I've already started making him little halfway hops... He's such a happy cat tho... At least he likes being spoiled!
Lmao maisie at your halo polishing comment, I'm having to use all my resolve to not tarnish my angelic behaviour today I'd go with displaying three massive brownies that are double price if anyone wants them and the rest as normal size at a normal price... Me man with solution- Does that help?? Ok sneak peak time, still the finishing touches to go.. Happy birthday plaque and the stick out bits to attach sat morn but it's gone better than I thought! Lol
 lol I was on too but thought posting would be like playing solo table-tennis!
 You're so considerate Maisie thank you! it would have taken me a few seconds to connect the lines after seeing disney pants in there and that first impression could have stuck for ever.... I'd have been wondering come CI 'hmmm is it disney today or hello kitty??' My wee old kitty, I think it's stiffness from lying still.... the vet said he can get something like ibruprofen so I'll try him on that for a month see if it helps, and I might give him some cod liver oil too......
I love the big bad brownies!! ooh a spicy chilli choc one could be 'devilishly bad' I think it's a really fun theme! ps... I want pre birthdays now- double cake- double pressies.... it's like birthday-eve!!!
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