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Busy day today but I just had to say AMAZING cake Andrea!!!!
I think that's a good decision, the fact that she gave you the cake back suggests she was at least partially sincere... I mean if she was totally lieing shed have to be pretty dim to hand over the only evidence... I do think she made a mountain out of a molehill tho! You did a great job dealing with her horrible attitude I applaud you!
Best of luck Jo
 Hang on hang on - with only one Mrs Gray I only just scrape into the good books I don't think I could manage a whole harem!!!! lolYou guys are welcome any time.... I'll put some cookies in the oven That's me off home, sending you bus fixing powers Tids hope it goes ok
OMG I can't breathe for laughing... I go to a meeting and come back to Graypies and typos! you gals are amazing I love our wee page
 That's just horrible .....she needs a hug and some retail therapy..... and some chocolate...... and another hug........
That's an amazing coincidence... I know everything too!!!!
 Ha ha ha Andrea, I do this so often and I suspect you might too: 'what do you mean is that ANOTHER new cake thing...... I've had this aaaaaages - look it's right at the back of the draw and everything!'
 hmmm, poorly is another matter all together! I think that calls for chocolate, a roaring fire and no chores...... and a hug ...the mat has made it to my watch list...... plus a cool Christmassy one that caught my eye!!!!
 ...we might have to elevate you your very own 'Tiddy' step soon!!!! lol
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