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So far the roses are pretty cool and the fastest too! Gonna try some colour when they're dry
It's like a metal pen with a notch at the end nanny... You put the paper in and twissle and makes spirals... I'm trying adding petals as I go... Only one looks good so far lol Thanks for the colouring idea I'll try that!
Ooh just bought some new toys! I got quilting tools and rice paper! Uninspiring white only to practice with for but I love quilled cakes and rice paper flowers so wanted to play!
So you put a picture in and project down a guideline for freehand piping, very handy looking thing! I suspect any similar design would work so long as there was enough space for cake and hands under the downlight.... seems like a lot of money though..... I don't think I would use one enough personally.
Oh wow Maisie it looks lovley!! Did you find that mat took longer than usual to dry in the oven? I think it's a bit deeper than some others...   Gonna have to try the mars mini tip too :D
I'll send it to you this evening chezza I have the printout at home tho the only benefit of this recipe is that half the sugar is natural from honey.... curious I did google sugar free brownies and found one made with apple sauce! I’m intrigued now!
Wow lovin' everyone's cakes!!   Mrs Gray brought home a recipe for 'sugar free' brownies the other day so we had to try those..... there in the title it said "fantastic no sugar brownies" and right enough looking through the ingredients there was no sugar mentionned..... there was the small matter of 250g of honey and 200g of golden syrup tho.... but no sugar!!!!! lol they were yum tho :)   Glad I was of help Maisie! I actually can't remember what I suggested now tho!...
I had an idea for you Nanny while I was having lunch.... do you have any black cake lace? you could make a flat sheet on the back of a lace mat and once dry cut lots of nice thin lines- then you can pick the best and attach them to the cake, that way they'd be nice and flat and wouldn't get in the way of your notes.  I've not tried piping cake lace but I guess you could pipe thin lines in the same way and that might be less fiddly than cutting strips off a sheet....   I...
I'm doing well Nanny thank you :) sometimes I just findmyself hiding away but I'm peering out again now :) we've been doing lots to the house to get it sellable in the spring.... it might not sell of course but gonna at least try and see if we can move closer to work.... I'm sick of spending 3 hours a day in the car.... just think of all the cakes I could make in that time!!!   For your cake; if it's just musical notes I'd cut them out, just black dots and sticks...
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