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 if you leave him as he is he'll rub againt things all over the house and tangerine them could shave him lol!!!
 ....I dread to think! ooh ooh actually I think i got it- it's a stick right?? LMAO!! lolthat's like the pink and fluffy one - but what's blue and fluffy??????(pink fluff holding it's breath!).......Oh sugaluva....... I know I shouldn't laugh but....... I can't imagine though how bad it must be on the furniture I find head and shoulders shampoo gets colour off my hands- a good lather and leave it a minute or two.... that might help on your floor but no idea for the sofa...
 Ha ha ha.... do you know the one 'what's green and hangs from trees??"-hint it has to do with sneezing giraffes!
Maisie you have to edit your post and correct sock monkey's name it's cracking me up.... reminds me of a joke I loved when I was 4.... what's yellow and smells of bananas?!" Kuush I love your grandpa and the wee dog is brill! SockMonkey I also do double chocolate to cream and I use cheap 30p per 100g choc from tesco/asda, I have a bag of expensive white chocolate ordered from t'internet but I keep that for hot weather as cheap white doesn't seem to set well on hot days!
That is brilliant! Very well done love the expression lol
Nanny I 'butter' SP with melted chocolate... Melted to that thick pasty consistency not runny... Then just place it on and smooth it. If you want to hurry setting pop it on the freezer for 10 mins Cakes baking nicely chocolate fudge time! (must hide the teaspoons when it's made!)
Kel I genuinely see no problem... The diamonds at the bottom are the only difference I can see! I don't think you've anything to worry about! ... Those long gloves up to your elbows mean you don't have to wash you hands right?? Lmao
I know, how glamorous!! I can't remember if I've said... I work in animal welfare on a research farm where they work on bettering livestock management, I'm currently looking at less invasive ways of monitoring for sick calves so I'm comparing thermal photos with actual temperatures and videoing them 24/7 looking for any early indicator behaviours.... not a bad job really... a bit mucky but certainly different!!    Off to make 2 big 10x14" cakes now! ....looking forward...
Yeah Nanny I'd say so, it looks perfect! *head tilt* I think it's the long slanty windscreen that makes it look sporty :) is it going to be a sporty red soft top??   To everyone except Lizzy who can't hear me cos she's not here (*wink* tee hee) I have been not having time off like I wanted!! I have been planning and procrastinating and making favor cakes and filling testers- tried salted caramel (too sweet) white choc fudge (sickly!).... spiced cheesecake (so so sooooo...
wow sorry folks, didn't mean to leave you all for so long!! I swear I blink and a week goes by sometimes!!   Nanny that's perfect! dip you hands and tools in water and shake off and you'll be amazed how much easier that stuff is to handle! and yes it's fine in the fridge but it goes hard and brittle so don't try inserting a dowel after fridging lol it's like skewering a limestone boulder!!! whatcha making?? hang on I bet if i went and read a little I'd find out sorry!! :)
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