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Morning everyone, I had a horrible cake nightmare this morning!! I dreamed I was at my grandfathers 90th birthday bash (which is at the end of September) and I had forgotten to make his cake!! It's to be an old submarine (he was a submarine engineer how cool-a job is that!!) ....I only had two hours till the 'unveiling' and I hadn't even baked anything.... urgh still feel queasy now lol! Good to see you Nat that groot is amazing!! And Sian those layers look great! ....I'd...
Hi Maisie, yes she's called crumbalicious.... she only seems to have single roses on at the moment..... if you email her she might do you the 6 for £12 with £3 postage? I know what you mean, I don't like any of the others on there! lol
 Hi everyone you're all so busy! I have my first cakes in a while to do; a 3D suit, a very somple purple minion and a ballroom dancing topper! gonna be a busy weekend!Suzanne I buy my roses from via ebay, she's very good- they're always lovely looking and they're same every time; they work out at about £15 for 6 so the last time I used two dozen it saved the customer about £50 in time I would have had to spend making them... if you tell her I recomended...
 Looks brilliant Marvel!! ...are those piped pearls on the middle tier?? they are so perfect!! I think 3 roses is perfect too I've goten lazy and buy roses off ebay now.... I figure at £15 for 6 I can take about £20 off the price of a cake.... but they arrived smashed to bits the other day she remade them for me though, very great service OK gotta run- off for a spinning class!! (cycling... not plates......)
 I went through that a while back Marvel..... I was very popular making 6odd cakes a week and working FT too.... it was just too much so I put my prices up and gave myself a max number of hours a week, once those are booked up I am fully booked no matter what, it's not worth it you just end up thinking 'I would gladly pay these people £5 an hour to forget their cake and be with my family!'
Catsmum I use a jar with little bits of wool held in place with an elastic band as separators I do tend to cut the wires in half tho... Never used one full length.
 I just had a wee look and there's a good black one from december! I love detailed cakes like that.... I might have dropped the price slightly in the hope of getting it lolHow you getting on? you managed with the heat this year? thankfully I had no orders during the hottest times- last year was soooooo difficult!
You'll be fine with SR and no baking powder Kathy that's so sad... I feel the same, can't be annoyed at the poor dear I just feel sad for her Maisie I love your minecraft person... all those neat squared scare me I don't know if I could do it, especially standing! ...I might have an order for a 3D accordian! fingers crossed cos that'll be so much fun!
Okay I have to share this with you all - totally not cake related but woke up this morning with a voicemail.... I never get voicemails let alone overnight ones.......... it was at 1am and a frail little voice said "help, you have to come and help me, I am stuck half way up the stairs on this damn chairlift" !!!!!!! I had to call and make sure she'd not been stuck there for 6 hours but she seemed very angry "who is this?!! who are you?! why are you calling me?!! Oh I called...
Thanks Kathy those two are probably the best cakes I've ever made! hopefully I get some work from them..... Lizzy that's a fab cake but it needs even a silhouette model posing at the end in my opinion.... I'd want to put in a silhouette crowd too lol!
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