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You just descibed my mother....... right down to the patchouli oil! lol
Free love kate?? is that really appropriate for a cake?? lol OP your best bet is google images 'silhouette' followed by Kates suggestions.... cut them out then roll some procoloured black flower paste/gum paste about 1/4 inch thick and cut around your templates with a scalpel/exactoknife.... no need to wrap them once cut if you make them ahead... the harder they dry the better! Ha ha ha I just googled 'silhouette free love'........ if I get a pink slip from the boss...
 What a lovely thing to do! I must admit I'm pretty similar..... too proud to let things beat me but too stubborn too to start something if I don't think I can do an amazing job of it...... so I end up dithering too lol.... like this circus cake..... feel like rushing it isn't worth it so I've decided not to do it at all....Hopefully we can all help keep Mr Tidds emporium running
 Actually I figured you were replacing caking with running the shop..... but you're gonna be super woman and do both aren't you! .......a friend of mine did that (replaced caking with a wee supplies shop) after a health scare with his kids and says it's the best thing he ever did He does lots of home baker bundles like a pack of blue SP a load of predone snowflakes and blue SFP shards, a board and set of plastic frozen figures from ebay..... says's people love them!
Woah Tiddy best of luck with your shop!! I hope it takes the stress down a bit from caking Smashin' cakes everyone! Love the story behind Butler's cake Foxy ......did you hand-cut the man? it's great! Don't know if anyone's tried it too but Renshaws have a flower paste out, I find it a total pain self-colouring the stuff so I tried their black - it's litterally half the price of SFP and just as good- I actually think it dried quicker and harder! Tidds maybe see if...
 ll cake fixes everything!! eating it.... making it..... They are going to look lovely in a spray i made roses once and the wire was too thin, taping a thicker piece beside it helped a lot.... fiddly but it helped.... tho it was waaaay to thin on mine, all my rosed nooded and drooped the moment I held them stright! oops!My Granda just eamiled to say he cut the submarine!!!!!!!!!! lol
 I just downloaded some maps Aaaaand I was checking my ticket printouts and things and noticed we weren't sitting together on the flight!!!! so thankfully I got that fixed .....have you ever gotten one of these bundles of sweeties and things sent to your room for check in? they look a great wee surprise but pretty pricy.... torn on whether it's worth it!
 Jean I love them!! I really love the pic of them in the jar too are you doing them as a bunch or a spray? ...I recon in a bunch the'd all hold each other up so the thin wire wouldn't be a probem right??I really can't be bothered with work today lol...... but I gotta
 ......Maybe we were both abducted by aliens!!! the world is doomed! Hope the little one is better now, you must be knackered busy day ahead.... no time for ninja-ing today! lolBe good everyone!
 ...I tell ya what... those icing sheets are a pain in the butt!!!!! they are fin going over one edge bot not corners......    So annoyed, CC invited me to do a circus cake but I really don't think I can get one made before we go..... Might have to do a Tiddy and Ninja something!!!! lol
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