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I will box it and leave it in the fridge till delivery. Usually it gets a bit sticky but with a fan on for 10-15 minutes and its dry again. All the best.
You can start by taking some classes In Your area.
I also use a fan to speed up the drying process.
But asking if its a mix is different from asking what is in the cake.
Its funny they knew $80.00 is what they could afford but yet requested a 3tiered cake! Wow.
I think the sour cream or yogurt should be reduced and see if it helps.
Thanks ladies, i use the book pan and from scratch. I also use edible quotation and gumpaste flowers with edible gold.
How much do you charge for a bible cake with edible image?
Great suggestions ...... if they ate the cake then will only refund partial payment.
Instead of the black brocade, i will paint it gold.
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