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I think making this many cake ball will be a one time thing... so not wanting to purchase new equipment, thanks for posting.   can't I just roll like 50 of them at a time place them close together on a wire rack and pour the chocolate over?  
I have to make about 800 cake balls. Is there an easier way to mass produce them? has anyone poured chocolate over a bunch of them instead of dipping each one by one?   any suggestions would be appreciated
Can I take a butter cream iced cake and cover the whole thing with fondant stripes?
thanks for the reply. Two questions:1. to stabilize the whip cream I add gelatin?2. I am mostly use butter cream as a filling could I just use butter cream with sliced strawberries? I feel like the butter cream would be too sweet and heavy for the strawberries.
Can anyone suggest a filling to go with my white cake? They have requested sliced strawberries, and are picking up early Sunday morning. Could I use whipped cream? I will be making this Saturday night.
Will a sharpened dowel go through a PME cake card? I have a 3 tiered, 8, 10, 12 inch square tiers fondant covered cake that needs to be transported an hours' drive away. I have silver foil covered foil cake cards that the top 2 tiers are made on. Any tips or suggestions for transportation?
That actually sounds pretty good to me. I might just how to try it out. Keep us posted as to the outcome!
too late to switch now, cake is due tomorrow. Is there a guide on dowel placement for maximum support? I am assembling at the hall.
Ths is the biggest cake I have ever made, I was just feeling the weight of the second tier so heavy! The CK brand has skinny dowels to put inside the wide ones I think I will use those too!
Thanks for the help, I will change the sizes, my poly dowels aren't wilton, they are ck but same thing I think, hollow.
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