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it's really hard to tell in the pic. i would go with a star tip, you'll get a similar look. there are many sizes of star tips to choose from, 24, 26, 28 just to name a few... good luck and post a pic when you're finished so i can seeeee!!!!
mold some heavy duty tin foil and support it with an egg carton or something until they set, that would probably be the cheapest. you could buy the stuff to make your own mold but that gets pricey. as for the cooked sugar, i would melt some hard candies (whatever color/flavor you like) instead. its super easy and they'll be covered up by the 'water' anyway.
depending on the route you wanted to go, i suppose you could even shape a cube (made from fondant, rkt, etc) and cut the steps out??
super cute cake FlourPots!!! i would do the same thing. or you could even turn them on their sides, add some width to them and make each one a little higher than the one before. lol i hope this comes thru in words the way i see it in my head!!!
i think i'm gonna try lowering the temp and placing a pan of hot/boiling water in the oven along with the cheesecake. i may go back to using my hand mixer for the batter, just to see. thank you all for your tips and advice!!! and btw, this forum is tha bomb!!!!! i love how eager people are to help and the fact that there are so many different ideas/fixes for the same problem, i'm totally addicted!!
i'll definitely try that adonisthegreek1!! how long do you bake it for at that temp??
i do use a water bath but even then sometimes they crack. i think i may have an issue with my oven, but i also started using a KA mixer i got for christmas. before that i only ever really used hand mixers so maybe i am beating it too much. they're so finicky!!!! the past 2 times i've made them they've cracked, but it wasn't an issue because i had fruit sauces to put on top. thank god this one's for a very understanding co-worker who will probably not care about the huge...
I have been having the worst luck with my cheesecakes lately, they always crack terribly on top idk what the heck is going on because I used to make fabulously pretty non cracking cheesecake and then BAM ugliness... someone please help!!!!!!
i was in a pinch one day and had to settle for McCormick neon food color from the grocery store. i was really surprised how well it turned out!!! i used it in my bc icing and mmf, had no problems.
i saw tiny ones made out of wire online a while back. it was fairly simple. she took a piece of gold wire made a loop in the center and then 2 smaller loops on each side. snip off the excess and stick in your candy. just an idea GL
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