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I've never made or used a meringue BC before. It seems like it would be more time consuming than your traditional BC and a little intimidating?! I'd love to try this but I'm afraid to try something new for such an important event!!Debbief: Do you let the iced cake with holes poked in it sit for a while before covering with fondant??Sassy74: I've done that before but I don't think I let them sit in there long enough. I was afraid they would dry out. I'm going to try it...
Thanks Prima!! I might try the spackle on a fondant covered wedding cake this weekend. I'm traveling over an hour in the car with it and SCARED TO DEATH of getting bulges or bubbles from blowouts. It's a super plain design so no little trinkets to hide any imperfections
I don't freeze my cakes, I do bake them a few days before and stack them on my counter and let them rest for at least 24 hrs. Then I level and fill, let it hang in the fridge for a little and then dirty ice. I let that first coat get super hard and then ice with the colored icing twice, with time in between to let the icing set and firm up of course. I use a spatula dipped in hot water to smooth the final coat and then the Viva method. It's only happening to my tiered...
Lately I've been experiencing a lot of 'cake farts' in my buttercream iced cakes!!! 2 out of 3 I made this weekend had blowouts in the icing. Fortunately I was able to fix and hide them but I'd rather not have to deal with them at all. Any advice on how to avoid this problem would be greatly appreciated
I'm going to try the cocoa first on a test piece!! Thanks for the quick responses)
I followed a tutorial I found on here from a long time ago. I had to do it twice to figure it out but once I did it was pretty easy. I didn't need them for anything, I just wanted to make them. I ended up storing them in an airtight container with no problems. They're still pretty good now and that was a few months ago. I put some wax paper on the bottom of the container and put it on top of my fridge hth
I'm making a birthday cake for a woman who loves anything old. I've tried to find info on 'tea' staining online but nothing I'm pretty sure I don't want to airbrush because I'm not that experienced with details. I think I read something a while ago about someone using vanilla extract on fondant? I'd love to cover the cake in buttercream icing but not sure if it's paintable? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
you could use foam board covered in fondant
I made cannoli cake filling for the first time today. I've made actual cannolis before and never had a problem but this filling is SUPER runny!!! I didn't want to add a ton of powdered sugar because I didn't want it too sweet, OMG what can I do?!?! please help I need it this afternoon
Your cake is amazing!!! I hope my hand looks HALF as good as yours!!! Thank you sooo much for your tips, I'll probably be using a combination of RKT and candy clay. I hope that won't make a difference, I've worked with it before and it's super cheap not to mention easy to make!!
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