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  I'm always blown away by the artists on this site!! Practice and hard work pay off.   I've just recently started making cake again since having my first child. It is so difficult chasing after an 11 month old and keeping the groove for a project. I'm slowly learning how to keep the peace! I work part time also, so I can only manage one or two (<- that's pushing it) per week.  I hope it gets easier lol.   This is a birthday cake for my friend's husband. He enjoys...
my hands sweat while I'm caking, especially when I'm covering with fondant. it leaves marks and fingerprints on my smooth surface that never dry! does anyone else have this problem? is there anything I can do besides wear gloves and dust with powdered sugar??
It seems to lean towards the back like I'm pushing on it or something and it's usually only the top portion of the cake! the bottom layers seem straight..
I've noticed that some of the 3D cakes I carve end up leaning slightly to one side, sometimes it happens after they settle. Is it something I'm doing to cause this? Any tips to avoid it in the future?? I even use bubble tea straws as support inside the cake!
To refridgerate the fondant cake or not?? Everyone does it their own way, just wondering what you guys do and why! This should be interesting!!! Thanks in advance
Ive been using a high humidity crusting buttercream. I smooth it out with hot water and the viva method and it's still lumpy underneath I thought I wasn't using enough icing so I used a little more next time around. Must've been too much cuz then I got ripples I also had issues with icing blowouts. Most of my cakes were iced in buttercream and it seems like it's only a problem in the warmer months. I tried everything.. cake spackle, weighing the cakes down after filling...
what is the proper amount of icing used to crumb coat a cake before covering with fondant? Any tips on getting the icing super smooth underneath? thanks
I chilled the cake (red velvet w cream cheese filling) first with the filling in it and then put the cake spackle on. let that harden up in the fridge then the crumb coat. do you think it had anything to do with being in the warm trunk of my car??
ok so I had my important wedding cake today. I followed all the steps to prevent the blowouts.. stiff dam, let them settle with the same size pan on top with some water, used 'cake spackle', made wiltons high humidity icing, didn't bring it in n out of the fridge much, poked holes in it.. so the cakes had to be transported almost 1 1/2 hours to the venue in my trunk, unstacked and except for the giant bottom tier were in boxes. it wasn't super hot today, and I took my time...
Use a fairly stiff crusting buttercream, let it set up first and cut a thicker piece of white fondant you shouldn't have a problem
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