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Thanks Faith. I rarely take collection orders anymore, but when I do this is great advice.
Sorry for lack of reply.... been away a While. I never did try it. To be honest, I have yet to find a problem with Asda and Tesco sugar paste. At £2.20 a kilo it's great value.
Its true. It's a tough colour. I second to what these other ladies have said. But just my penny's worth. Add a tiny bit of black too.
Just an update. ... got agbay. I am thinking of having a pedestal made for it to sit on, in its honour. It is so, so fabulous.
Whoops sorry this thread is ages old Rosie. Not sure why I don't get notified? ..... But I'm between Sevenoaks/Dartford. X
It is a beautiful cake, I'd love to do it Kazita. However, I charge £3 per portion, as a base then add on costing per tier depending on the intricacy of work, this is stencilled so pretty simple so £10 - £20 per tier. They would like 120 portions. Therefore £390 - £400 minimum,
Thanks Jason, I will look into this.
the start of many! 120 portions, in this design .......budget £150 - £200......
Thanks you guys, great help......I'm considering making it a required field now.......the idea of leaving a free text field with a summary of my base prices is a great idea Jason, Thanks so much.     Just waiting for the funny guy who uploads a photo of 6 tier with loads of piping work then ticks the £150 - £200 will happen, just a matter of time.
So,,,,,I've just added this to my quote request form.....   Budget for Wedding Cake - of course you do not need to tell us this if you do not wish to. However, if you do, we can advise you as to what may or may not be possible and guide you on how to achieve a similar look but still keep you within your budget.   part of me thinks I'm being cheeky, but it may save alot of timewasting. I'd appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks 
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