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Brilliant! Thanks so much everyone! It makes sense now. Have just sent my quote off so if they go with me I'll be sure to post piccies. Thankoooo! 
 Yes I think you are right cazza......left to dry slightly first? How would they stay upright?
  Any ideas anyone? Thinly rolled out layers, made of gumpaste? 
I've just done my first one, I charged base price then slightly more for the fruit, the brides florist provided the roses. I concerned because it was so simple, but once I'd got to the venue and styled it with the fruit and roses and dusting of icing sugar I was pleased with the result. Yes so to OP, base price would be what I'd charge again it really is not too complex at all. Regarding the drying out, the bride was aware this may be an this issue, and I told her all I...
Or dust smoother with icing (powdered) sugar
I have one in its tube sitting on top of the fridge. Used it a few times but I always seem too roll too thin with it. Plenty of cornflour or icing sugar, working quickly and picking up with my forearms (washed!) Works best for me. Sorry Mat
amen to that!
Thanks Relznik....... think I'm at that point already.
By the way you asked how would you price something like this. I charge a base price, which is your price per portion x size of cake. There's your blank canvas. Then I charge for each tier dependant on the intricacy and time required ie those Diamonds look like a complete pita. Sugar flowers, bows or skulls etc extra on top, dependant on how long they take to create + cost ingredients. Hope that helps?
I love this cake! Definitely underpriced. But I think pricing cakes is as much as a learning curve as creating the things! When I've under charged I kick myself but I do a great job get great pictures (of which you've done both) and tell myself it will be great marketing.
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