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The wedding cake looks pretty, but the top is crooked. The baby cake also looks nice, but the feet are backwards.
Thanks for the link. Wilton has a cornflower blue that is good. If it is not the right shade that you want it's a good base to start from and experiment with.
Is that just a board it is on? Did you make it? I like it, very nice.
The witch is sitting on a cake. If you look at the end of the broom you will see the corner of the cake. The table is dark also so it is harder to see the cake.Your cake board should be wood or something thick and strong enough to attach the support for the witch. I would make the support out of thin metal/pipe strong enough to hold the weight of the witch. Attach a piece tall enough to stick out of the cake about 1/2" with a wall flange or something similar. To this piece...
The first cake should have worked if you would have put a support under the rainbow dash. The one you did came out great.
Wilton has the gum paste flower cutter set. There is a hydrangea cutter and former, but only in one size. Fast to make and form. You can get the set at a major craft store and use the 40% off coupon.
Yikes, only $170.00? Unfortunately you will learn the hard way about not doing your homework before you quote a price. You should always do your homework first before you agree to anything. You need to read, read and read some more. +1 to what AZCouture said.
I charge the same basic price per serving regardless if it is for a wedding or some other party. The more complex the design the more money I charge. I get annoyed when someone charges different prices for the same work. Dry cleaners do it and it ticks me off. A ladies blouse cost more for cleaning than a man's shirt. Makes no sense to me.
Not some of the dummies that I have met. : ) Sorry couldn't resist, but it was funny to me. Yes, Dallas Foam is a good place.
This is hysterical. I would do it and then be booked like Jason said. Let her make cakes for .50 cents a serving. I would love to see her face when she sees your ad.
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