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Bubble tea straws. You might find them on or
The damask pattern on the bottom tier is done with a stencil. There is a pearl-finish spray that could have been used on the second tier.
Google carpenter's apron: Very sturdy and you always have the money on you. Alternative: fanny pack. Either over a cute baker's t-shirt.
One can form a fleur-de-lys from acanthus leaves, but those are two different things. [edited to correct "to" to "two"]
No, it's definitely...
At the bottoms of both cakes, that is a border of acanthus leaves. On the 3-tier cake, the one in the middle is probably also acanthus leaves, a little stylized and upright. (or similar).   I didn't find the one with the drop pearls.
You made a duplicate post:
It's often called bear grass.
I don't approve of these tests at all. They are not accurate.
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