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A cake priced in one location would have no relevance for the price of the same cake in a different location. Costs differ. markets differ, overheads differ, etc.
Pricing questions are only allowed in the Cake Decorating Business section and only for legal cake businesses. Please read this statement by the COO of Cake Central:
The cake is from Ana Parzych: You could ask her.
You can freeze them.
There are no instructions as far as I know. The last time the site was redesigned, a bunch of stuff went haywire and not all of it got fixed. I flagged your post so a Moderator would see it and perhaps give you some help.
Krusteaz has been in business since the 1940s.
Please keep in mind that starting a cake-selling business that it is a business - all expenses and income tracked, bookkeeping, license(s), health department inspections, food safety course, taxes, liability insurance, operating expenses until you show a profit (1 year? 2 years? more?), etc. etc. etc. It isn't just baking and decorating cakes. Your sister's friends are just paying you a compliment. They have no idea what is involved in running a cake business.
@candid84 You're asking a question about a post made in 2006.
I haven't tried Krusteaz cake mix and I usually prefer to make things from scratch, but I've tried a lot of other Krusteaz things and they are great! I've never been disappointed. I have a fondness for a local (to me) company.
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