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Good Luck everybody ! fingers crossed ..called and emailed everybody in Texas that I knew ...and who I didn't know to pass the word that this bill makes it through. Those that will be there tomorrow in Austin- Thank You for being there and all you are doing for all of us, Tina
okay I ordered the hat not the pink shirt..I'll wear my were off to the phone lines, Tina...well first thing in the morning..nite ladies
I think if you went into a grocer you frequent and ask them to donate the gloves ..I would also hit them with maybe some mini cupcakes they might be more than willing to donate them to the school..good luck
You definitely are talented..loved all your modeling, great cake very impressive..congrats again
Wow..never miss a Challenge Show...Exciting to know that you will be on and can put a face to the name.makes it even more intriquing..Congratulations!!!!
Thanks yawl..I'm gonna make an appointment first thing monday morning...My brother in law is in the border patrol and teaches on the gun range...and my sister said it sounded like what happen to him one time with his trigger was a callous under the skin but his didn't swell up and she said she didn't remeber it being red..hmmm I go get it checked out ...was hoping it was something from overuse and maybe somebody here might have had it happen, nite ladies
Weird as it is..has anyone ever had there pointer fingernail digit say swell up become real hard and red from doing alot of cookies before..I've been doing alot of cookies lately a wonderful man has been letting me sell cookies at his place TACO CASA a fast food cheap taco place as a fundraiser for my son...alot of work ..selling them for two dollars and they are sizable and 7 different collars. Anyway we put a sign up and we started selling average some days 15 and early...
Fabulous all the info..its in my favs now. I did notice something and didn't know if it was on purpose. Galleries you have on there are listed ...galleries..then 2 ..then 4 and then 3..didn't know if you wanted them that way or you missed it..seriously love the site! you did a fabulous job with it and beautiful cakes too
and I've used the blue,yellow and orange..great colors
wow I can't ait to hear hwo this all works out..sounds promising...Great job
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