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When I rent things it's 1/3 the cost. It's paid for within three rentals. The refundable deposit is my cost to REPLACE (not necessarily what I paid for it - including shipping and tax).I make my towers. Can you show us a picture of a $225 cc tower? That just seems unreal to me.
If your cake is dry - don't lose any sleep. Throw some simple syrup on it and drive on.
I agree - approach them on a marketing standpoint. Totally legit in your case.
Yes, simple syrup makes a cake moist and can also add flavor. I use it all the time. And you can use much more than you think. You think you are drowning the poor cake, but you are not.You can make your own (boil equal parts sugar and water - allow to cool) or purchase coffee syrups (what I do) for the many complimentary flavors.I use simple syrup when I have to make the cake days in advance but not far enough ahead to worry about freezing it. I also use it on my red...
I remember mine was horrible - no one ate it. We threw over 75% of it away. It was not at all what we had ordered.No, I did not call and complain. I wasn't going to dampen my wedding day with something that didn't matter in the end.
Champagne (which I hate) is bitter. Moscato (which I love) is sweet - they are not interchangeable in a recipe. I serve Moscato De Asti in place of champagne all the time at weddings. But when making champagne cake I use champagne. Usually Brut. People like the cake. So I guess it's the bitter you need for this recipe.Now, I have made the same cake using sparkling cider before (which is sweet) and people like that, too... but it's not the same cake.But now I want to...
In the end it's your rep and she has the power right now. I've given refunds (full or partial) in every single case - even when I feel I'm not guilty. Bottom line, if she can hurt your rep - make her happy.My last partial refund: I sold her a 3" high single tier 12" fondant covered red velvet cake for a wedding shower. She picked it up. The next day she placed a heavy topper on it (something not meant to be a cake topper) and the cake caved in.... I never knew she...
That's what I was going to suggest - ask the person paying. If you add a hint of almond flavoring to the BC, it's cuts down on the sweetness but you don't taste the almond.I have iced pounds cakes - if it doesn't "look"like a pound cake, not many will know it's a pound cake... believe me, a lot of people easily swayed by the power of suggestion.
Going forward freeze it. It's doesn't clump up and you can pull out what you need and leave the rest in the freezer.
Just wait until you start delivering weddings (if you don't now.) You never even see the bridal couple and rarely hear from them afterward. If you do it's either accolades of appreciation or someone complaining. But most of the time I get nothing because there is staff running around setting up and they see wedding cakes every weekend and who cares? I set up - go home.ta-da!
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