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Use whatever color you want to use. I've outlined a heart in red... looked great.
I bought the Chefmaster gold spray but haven't used it yet. Glad to hear it works.
I've used mayo. It's 1/4 c to substitute each egg. There will be a difference in texture. But it does work. I have to add extra simple syrup.There is actually a recipe called Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake that people love.I use applesauce to replace oil in all my cakes.
I agree it's a feel. I use a squeeze bottle also. I can't imagine the point of using less 1/4 cup for three tiers total. Why bother? I use a lot and it's never soggy.
Katiebelle74, I always use when I have to bake way in advance. I just feel better. (wink)
Olive Garden Moscato is the bomb, huh? I finally found where I can purchase it (online). Even after shipping it's still $10 a bottle cheaper. I order a case at a time.But there are other brands that are nearly as good in a pinch.I'll most likely try a cake with it but not for another 2 weeks. I'm booked until then.
Sparingly is in the eye of the beholder. And of course it depends on your cake that day.... not a set rule.Too give you an idea, on my red velvet I probably use a quarter cup per 1/4 sheet single layer. Just less than that for a 10" round.I'm feeling it's safe to say it's a trial and error thing. Keep pouring until it's enough for YOU... your cake, your baking, your climate, your humidity, your temperature, blah, blah, blah.Your going to have to bake a tester cake and...
I don't know - I do you know you need bluebirds!
First I agree with everyone for the most part. But..Never use the excuse, you got a good deal. To me you would be saying your promise is pretty empty. You promised a $700 cake for $250. That's the end of that. You could have charged more, you chose not to.OK - anywho.......I agree, you were there - were cake plates empty... and I've been to a ton of weddings. Maybe one or two people complain to the person paying, if any at all. But no more than that.
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