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woah! That is my tutorial that I made myself on print shop and posted on my webshots page years ago. Was I asked permission for this to be uploaded? If I was, I apologize for not remembering. But I don't remember giving permission without my name being attached. I give permission all the time - but always ask for credit. I don't see my name anywhere on that page.
It sounds like mine you are describing. If it's mine (it would have come from cali4dawn years ago - my sign on then) you are looking for email me at Put Matrix in the subject line. I wait until I have 5 or so requests and then email it out all at once.
Post a link for the mold so I can compare what I have to what you need. I live in near Long Beach in Cypress- but if we both drive half way it's not a bad drive.
I was thinking gluing them also. I think the martini glass is a great idea and you should figure out a way to make it work!
I was always afraid to do as Geechigirl suggested until the last time I did a cake. Worked great. The next day it was still great.
If doctoring a mix: use pineapple juice in your mix and add crushed pineapple.If from scratch - I have no clue - something like a humming bird cake but using pineapple only?
GRRRRRR - I hate it when I do silly things like that. I've wasted great photo paper on an invoices before.
Is this the same petition that has been floating around for quite awhile now that is pretty much dead? Has anyone contacted our state representatives yet? That's what we need to do. Does anyone know if this has been done? I'd like to join that team. If not - we need to form a team and start doing that.
I've done one that filled a half sheet. Was nervous as heck, but it worked. I didn't do anything differently.... just flipped it really fast.
I really like mine when I need it. But I find I don't need it that often.
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