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I used it once when I was traveling and needed to decorate a cake real quick at a friend's house. It was OK - not great, but not bad.
I add tylose to my MMF and it holds its shape.
My answer was simply I don't choose to be a couch potato. I never have. If I weren't doing this I'd be doing something else. Period, end of story (on days I don't have cakes - I actually am doing something else). If you (talking to my spouse) want to be a couch potato go for it. I don't resent you for it. Please don't resent me for not wanting that. I enjoy staying busy. I do make a point of watching a certain show with my family each week. I honestly could care...
Why not? I've done it but it's been awhile.
No, a lining by itself will fall apart as a FBCT. IMO. I may be wrong.Do the outline in piping gel on wax paper and press that in to the side of the cake. I put the wax paper on the cake (gel side down) and using a pastry brush gently brush over the paper so that the gel adheres to the cake. Depending on my needs, i sometimes tint the piping gel black.I don't see why a FBCT wouldn't stick, as long as your icing is thick enough to hold it. I'm not sure though. i think...
They are all pretty interchangeable. yo do whichever one you excel at.
Heck no!! What's ugly to some is not to others. Who am I to say what's nice and what's not? I have actually booked cakes off of pics on my website I thought were horrible cake choices. What can say? $$ spends on ugly cakes as well as pretty cakes.
YES! YES! YES!I have a plain old simple cricut. I use it for paper and cakes.For paper I use the mat that came with it. For cakes I went out and bought the cheap flexible cutting mats (package of three at 99 cent store) and cut to size and stick that to the mat.I've never had an issue. I learned this from the surfing many YouTube videos. I never buy cartridges. I made a one time purchase of the "Sure Cuts A Lot" software and honestly see no need for any more...
I assume by you are talking aabout a frozen buttercream transfer. If so, check this out: you are talking about a glazed transfer or a chocolate transfer, I can;t find tutorials onj this site... go here (This is an old site of mine) through. You will find tutorials for all three types.Good luck!
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