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People will get on here and argue what is is and what isn't legal for you. Only your local authorities can tell you that info for sure. I'm giving you a REAL answer and not just an opinion.
I know it's no longer considered a sheet cake - but mine are usually double layered. It just looks better.
Contact local authorities. Only they can answer this question definitively.
Alcohol does NOT bake out. Just watch foodology on the cooking channel and they prove it again and again.IT evaporates and dries faster from painting dusts rather than water- that's why we use it for that.Vodka does have flavor - otherwise I wouldn't care if I were served it - it's nasty!! Go ahead and put it in some cola and have some unsuspecting someone taste it - watch their face curl up.But what the heck do I know?
Thanks, Indy. My feelings exactly. I always tell people, mistakes don't bother me. It's how it's handle that bothers (or doesn't bother) me.And if you really want to see me get riled - just tell me, "I'm sorry you feel that way," or, "if that's how you want to look at it." Those are not apologies at all.I'm nice until I hear those stupid words from the business I'm trying to resolve an issue with.
According to the various contest rules I've been involved in - the second you receive payment for a cake, you are a professional. Well, semi-pro at the very least. Having a license doesn't make you a professional in those instances. That's like saying anyone who is not a member of SAG cannot call himself an actor. Crazy!This is what I miss about the other site that is closing down. I miss it so much. It was about all decorating. Not about whether you are legal or...
I add piping gel to thin my icing to "writing" consistency before piping. It should be thin enough not to break while flowing.
I don't have that issue with cake customers to much. Catering customers - OMG! Several times a day for days after hiring me and then again the week before the event. I have actually had to tell a customer - if you call me again, I will be late showing up. I cannot cook and answer the phone every few minutes. I told her this in light humor -but she must have known I mean it. The calls stopped - and she was still happy to see me when I showed up (on time).
I agree with the original poster - and I'm not sure why there are so many posts on here blasting newbies and/or illegals. That has nothing to do with what the original poster started. Legal or not - the customer is looking for a certain quality of work, that is the original subject matter of this thread. This has nothing to do with a business license or food grade. Regardless, what most of us need to learn, there are times we deliver an inferior cake, and we need to...
Very cool! i still have to try the moscato in a cake.
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