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Of course if you have written permission you can do what ever - no one is questioning that.
Well, it seems to me that we are not allowed to do even one for home use anymore. I finally found the site, but I think the rules have changed. In the documentation I found before, they gave examples. Here they don't.At one time I was able to find the wording that even mentioned cake as an example. So it either no longer exists or I simply am reading over it. It seems we can download a pic of Mickey for ONE TIME HOME -use only (which in the older version stated cannot...
I'm actually looking for it as we speak. There is a ton to read through.
Unless they've changed there policy from a couple of years ago, I got it straight from their copyright policy page. Straight off if it.
So I'm assuming no one has actually contacted our state reps? Until that happens, this is pretty much worthless. Does anyone know what needs to be done for that to be taken seriously? In other words, we need someone that knows how to lobby. Everything else is a waste of time.
does she have a/c in the car?
NO NO NO!!!!!! Disney, for one, is very explicit that you cannot even make a cake for non-profit with their characters. It states very plainly in their copyright rules - you can only make a character cake if it's for your immediate family and does not leave your home. Immediate family, by law, does not include your sister (this of course assumes you are married and living on your own), your sister's kids or even your mom. They are extended family. If you are underage...
I charge a rental fee of half the cost of the item and a refundable deposit to cover replacement cost - that's replacement - as if they lost it now, not the cost of when i bought it.
I've been asked if i know where to get cake favor boxes. I've never been required to provide them.As for boxes in general, I usually leave on 8" box just in case. - just being nice, not because I was asked to.
You can use it on whichever tier you need to use to give you the correct servings of actual cake and make the cake bigger. It's all good.
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