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So does anyone want to? And I mean seriously want to. Don't say yes just to leave me carrying the whole she-bang. Cause, I'm honest. I know I need help. I will work as hard as my partners at moving and shaking Sacramento.
I didn't ask who is our state representative. I ask who is legislating. Who, among us, is trying to accomplish this? From what I can tell no one. I am willing to do tons and tons of leg work. but I know I can't do it alone. Who, among us, can help? Letter writing is not enough. This will involved trips to Sacramento. Lobbying. Real involvement. Who, among us, is doing that?
I keep asking ( on this website) who is legislating, if anyone and if no one - who want to join me. i have yet to receive a single answer. I simply cannot do it by myself. I would love to be able to dump my rental space. Everything I do can realistically be done from my home kitchen.
I count anytime I have to be in the kitchen tending. So, while I may have to be in the kitchen to remove a cake from the oven you could, in all reality, leave for hours upon hours before returning to tend to it.I can't think of any cooling cake that has to be "watched."
I insist that I arrive no less 2 hours before the event begins - I'm usually there and out even before the bridal party is. I insist on this or this don't take the job. Life happens. It really does. And I'm so happy I have this policy. I once had an incident on the way to the venue. But I got there 2 hours before anyone else other than the folks making pretty in the hall. I ran in, found the person in charge, explained, she showed me a place where I could fix things...
I always so many negative things about this. Then recently I just went for it. I simple syruped the cake (liberally since the cake was going to hit the fridge in the end), filled then popped it in the freezer for about an hour. I crumb coated and popped back into the freezer OVERNIGHT. I placed the fondant on the cake completely frozen I then placed the cake in the fridge to keep it solid. Of course it was all super easy and fast.I've heard don't do it - condensation,...
hmmm... surprise surprise.. the link has been blocked. I have found gumpaste and fondant to be interchangeable for MOST things. For this I may add a hint of tylose to my fondant - but probably not.
I could see it happening. Rare - but I can see how it might happen.
IMNTBHO - a real friend would never ask me for a discount. I buy things from friends, I never ask them for a discount. I pay retail. That's what real friends do. They expect you to earn a living or at the very least not pay for things out of your own pocket.End of story.
They still sell that topper. I know you are not trying to recreate the topper. Just making a statement.
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