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I've interviewed with bakeries and not once was asked about a degree, they only wanted to see me work. In fact, I was told by someone with a degree - unless you want to teach, it's a waste of time and money. This is true for most "art-based" occupations.
So many people here are crazy about frozen batter for cupcakes. I don't see why this wouldn't work also. Cake is cake.
WHY DO THEY BLOCK VENDOR WEBSITES????????? IS CC THAT PARANOID?????Buy them from (moderator edited)VERY REASONABLE PRICED. So cheap - not worth cutting on your own. The first one I listed is a hint cheaper, a dollar or so.
I have found, as mentioned earlier, people assume they do not like fondant, because of days gone by, They have no clue of they like it now. When I can get them to actually taste it - they love it. BUT... and this makes all the difference... It has to be placed on the cake the day before they taste it. It picks up the flavor of the BC underneath it by then and also some of the chewiness mellows out.I have found this to be true of purchased or MMF. Also, you all need to...
This has never once worked for me. I've tried Flickr and Photobucket. No luck.
This is so true. I have always used cheap store brand butter spray. Once I used Pam because it was on sale. All my cakes stuck the day I decided to use it - and stuck badly - as though I hadn't used anything in my pan. Every last one. I threw it in the cabinet for pan frying. I ran out and bought my fav store brand and no cake sticking issues after that.Store brand does not automatically equal inferior. It's just anther brand and can be considered as a viable...
I don't use Crisco in icing, but when I do use shortening in anything else, it's Crisco. I bought the store brand once before and it turned dingy yellow in a very short time. Long before the Use By Date. I use Sysco Hi-Ratio shortneing.First Street (Smart and Final) brand butter, sour cream, and other dairy products. I find them to taste 100% as good as the name brands. I was fussy about the brand when I lived in NC (Breakstone everything). But they don't carry those...
Dear Lord, help where this word is headed with all these sue-happy, instant-gratification people. I am honestly terrified of where we are headed.I have a feeling this is going to be the norm sooner than later.
I have been known to tell a customer or two:Your lack of planning is not my emergency. Your lack of following the rules is not my problem either.
I simple syrup if needed, torte and crumb coat before freezing quiet often. Life is good.
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