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I really like the CTR one with the boy on top. I would say keep it simple and white and stay away from doves and crosses. I like the rainbow idea too (it's one of my favorite Children's Hymns)
I've always used just fondant in my angry birds and they've always turned out great, but if you are going to do the big red bird and the black bird, I would definitely suggest using gumtex in it, those ones are hard to keep their shapes. Here's a link to the first birds I made (don't look at the horrible cake part, just the birds, lol),
cutting down the baking powder worked! thank you!!
thank you for these suggestions and will try lowering the baking powder in my next batch. I will post the whole recipe so if it would help ever 2 egg cake1/2 c shortening1 1/2 c sugar1 tsp vanilla2 eggs2 1/4 cup flour2 1/2 tsp baking powder1 tsp salt1 cup plus 2 tblsp milk
It's a betty crocker recipe, the flour mixture calls for 2 1/4 cup flour, 2 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, and 1 teaspoon salt and it makes 4 cups of batter. This isn't a recipe I had personally used before, but my MIL has used it many times w/o her cakes sinking but we are both in a higher altitude so I don't know if that could be the culprit.
My cakes are sinking while they are in the oven. I'm only using a round 6" pan at the moment and I've never had this problem before but all the sudden I am. Am I doing something wrong? Help!! Would a heating rod on a 6" pan help?
I'm currently mildly flaring and am curious to see if anybody else on here as Crohns and if so how does it affect your decorating when you are flaring? Luckily I don't have any family functions going on where they want a cake until next month.
they look like molds to me.
thank you all! You've been very helpful
I usually use Indy Debi's BC
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