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Hi NancyI will PM it to youNiamh
Do you still need the recipe ?
Hi Nancy I have that book but I left it at work . I will send you the recipe when IGo in tomorrow morning Niamh
I just my favourite Christmas cake out of the ovenIt never fails . Everyone loves it . Just google BBC Simmer and Stir Christmas cake It's really good , read the reviewsHTH
Much better !
I have used orange flavoured buttercream . Yum with carrot cakeGood luck !
I always wear a clean White cotton t shirt when decorating . It helps 
Thanks , looks amazing
Hi I can't exactly answer your question but I saw somewhere recently the stalks used off a bunch of grapes dipped in chocolate used as trees . They looked great . Good luck
I use a wooden lazy Susan , had it before I started decorating cakes. It works fine for me . Good luck
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