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sweetwise has it cheaper than where i buy satin ice
Hi all, just a question about the taste and work-ability of these two brands of fondant.. I use satin ice and the flavor is good but just found a place that sells the fondx and it is sooo much cheaper, have any of you used Fondx and if so how does it compare to Satin Ice regarding taste and ease to work with.  TIA
you should be able to find it at any cake or candy supply if not just google it I'm pretty sure you can get it from Amazon. : )Kat
you can also use a product called paramount crystals to put in your chocolate to make it a little thinner, It works better than crisco because it is made of the same fats in the chocolate. sometimes adding shortening can give you a "greasy/oily" product. HTH Kat
thanks TexasSugar!!
never made the NFSC before but I have forgotten to add my eggs before! lol I just beat them in a separate bowl and then added them to the mix and stir by hand so as to not over beat the flour. They've always come out fine. HTHKat
there is a great carrot cake recipe on here ( I'm not a fan either but I actually like this one) I've tweaked it a little and even my kids love it!! if you look up MOIST CARROT CAKE the one with the pineapple and coconut in it you will find it!! if you want to try it with my little tweaks just pm me.Kat
I would go to her and tell her that your co-workers mentioned to you that you made the cake for free. then tell her yes you did MAKE the cake for free, you gave her your time and skill!!!! .... BUT she still OWES you for the ingredients! Good luck!!Kat
What is flo-coat?? and were would i find it??Kat
Stupid question??? did you make a standard royal recipe and then add the gumpaste powder to it??? or did you have a recipe that used the gumpaste??? sorry I tried the original thread and it is corrupt so I could not get an exact recipe... Thanks Kat
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