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I just made 200 cupcakes for friend's wedding. Never. Again. Ever. I baked them all in my little home kitchen and I cant imagine doing it again. I cant begin to imagine the space you would need for 5000 cupcakes! Also the amount of frosting! After frosting the 200 my hands hurt! So I would have to agree with most this is a huge undertaking. I think unless you have made anywhere close to this many cupcakes before you need to politely decline. JMHO
Thats all I did was chop it up and then mix it into some buttercream. I have never added syrup to it. So I have no insight on that. But just adding it to the buttercream was really good. I have ate my share of filling each time I made one of these! LOL
I did my first one about a month ago. I am terrified to do another one because my first wasn't a complete disaster I'm sure the next one will be! I used the method where you carve a flat spot in the bottom tier for the second tier to sit in. Does that make sense? It then seemed to stack just like a regular tiered cake. I could have been doing it all wrong but it worked for me...this time!
I have done it with Kit Kats, Snickers and Twix! They are all really good! I just chopped them up and mixed them into some buttercream.
I think there should be a comma after Happy Birthday and before the person's name. Most people do not add the comma so then if you were to write it that way on a cake it might look odd. I say if you feel the need for the comma then add t in. I think on a cake either way is fine.
I did mine in buttercream. So it can be done! Good luck!
I always use piping gel. It has worked the best for me. I feel like its a little stronger of a glue than vodka or water and not as messy as buttercream. All my cakes are buttercream with fondant decorations.
I agree with Texas_Rose. You have a contract that they signed. I feel awful for the bride and her mother for all the lost money, but that is not your fault. I can guarantee you that the Venue, DJ, Photographer, Florist, Wedding Planner and Officiant are not going to be handing them back any money. The dress store is not going to let her return the dress either! Like you said this is not a hobby for you, its a business so treat it that way.
I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I too just lost a very close friend suddenly 2 weeks ago. His wife asked me to make a cake for his funeral which was held at their house. She wanted it to be somewhat of a memorial cake. She wanted it to include all his hobbies/likes and a few photos. I feel for you because this was the hardest cake I have ever had to make.
I too bake just for fun and do not charge. I think people think because its free to them its free for you! They dont think about the cost for you. That is really disgusting that she would ask for more after finding out its free to her. I would tell her no to the extra tier. Maybe remind her that its not free for you to make and you can only do what you previously discussed. If she gets mad then good you dont have to do the cake and she can go elsewhere and pay for it! I...
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