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Thanks heaps for the info, Cakers! The cake picture belongs to The Crazy Cake will check out craft stores too.
yes, i know that and not stencil either... just wondering where i can get the pattern...
sorry forgot to say that it's the No.5 cake on that page, the 3-tier cake with brown patterns.Thank u!
Hello Cakers,Does anyone know where I can get the pattern on below link? it a cake stencil?Any input is appreciated.Thank you for your time.Cheers!
Dear CCers,Is there any elegant way to package cupcake bites/cupcake balls for wedding?I was thinking of putting each of them in cupcake paper, then into cellophane bags and ribbons. Is that enough?Many thanks for your inputs.Cheers,MLP
she doesn't respect n appreciate you n your work, if i were u, no 3rd chance, just say sorry u r fully booked til 2 months ahead.
indeed,, geez lots of bits and pieces to be in the list... huge thank U for your great advise, very helpful
dear ALL,THANK U Soooooooo... much for the input. I will have to jot them down 1 by 1, it is amazing how many things we use just for 1 single cake. Really appreciate all of your input. I will print this out for my guidance.Btw I live in a small country town called Cessnock, NSW, Australia.Cheers,
Hello All,I am new here and just started a small cake business from home (cupcakes and celebration cakes).This web and forum is really useful for me as a newbie.May I know how much you charge for a cake like in this link: is NOT my cake.and How much will you charge for a single cake (more or less like the above picture but without the smaller cake on top)?with bc or fondant decoration?any input...
i am a newbie, LOVE LOVE LOVE forums on this site... very very useful for me... I LEARN A LOT... thank u ALL... Y'all great cake decorator!!
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