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Thank you so much. I will do that.
How do I carve a road that spirals around the cake starting on the bottom tier and going up to the next tier?
Smckinney07, I wanted to use the Wilton melting chocolates for the white chocolate ganashe. Will that work?
I have another question for you...I have only made chocolate ganashe, so do I use white chocolate chips? I have seen some posts where people are using candy bars, is that right?  I would have thought there is too much oil in white chocolate candy bars.   Barb
Thank you. That's what I thought and have actually been doing, but I wanted to make sure something new hadn't come along that I need to know.  LOL  Busy summer!
I was reading some post about putting ganash under fondant.  Several people mentioned a ratio of 2:1 chocolate, 3:1 white chocolate.  What is the ratio of?  I'm confused.   Barb
Thank you everyone for your replies.  I will check on Amazon or maybe make a batch.  The wedding isn't until November and of course its for a good friend's daughter so in my heart I cant charge her too much.  Probably the price of the marzipan.   Am I lazy or what?  Did I really need to send three different replies?  OMG! to myself.     Barbara
I meant to K8memphis about the dog "Marzipan".
Thats too funny!!!
I have a customer that wants the wedding cake to be covered in marzipan.  I did a wedding cake probably over 15 years ago with marzipan.  The brides mother picked up the marzipan for me at a German bakery in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Does anyone know where this might be or where I can get a large supply of it.   I don't necessarily want to make it myself because of time.  And if I recall, you would use it just like fondant to cover the cake.   Thanks, Barbara
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