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That sounds good I was just sitting here wondering how I could make a banana split cake.Could you maybe inject a little strawberry jello into the cake
I love making the mmf the only time I had a problem was when I used the large or regular size marshmellow instead of the mini ones. How much water or flavor are you adding?
She is to cute! What a good idea for the bottle!
thats a good idea i'm also trying to find a fitting poem but haven't had much luck
I am going to make a birthday cake for a lady at work, she is the head of the hospice program a volunteer that just don't stop and has a family. She is just you all around really nice person. Does anyone have any ideas?Thanks Cady
I had a totally different idea in my head Its sound like it will be fun to watch.
Thanks I had no idea
Has anyone made cakes for a cake walk before? I've never even been to a cake walk before so i have no idea what its about and i didn't want to look like a fool and ask. Any suggestions??Cady
Wow!! Looks perfect!!
cpr7 well put
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