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i have a red cake to make and was thinking of airbrushing this which i have never done before can i use any food coloring ??
i have bought bundt pans to make a cinderella coach cake will this be okay my first coach cake i want it to be special thanks for any advise
hihobby lobby has the cutters but they dont post to uk aaaargh !!!
i will check all this out, thanks everyone for your help i will let yous know how i get on !!
thanks i will check these sites out the shoe is a high heel shoe approx 2cm to go on wires also i am in the uk
i have hunted everywhere for a high heel mini cutter but to no avail does anyone know where i could source one thanks
white or ivory ??
hican someeone please tell me what colour of sugar balls i should use to represent champagne bubbles thanks in advance xx
looks like your fondant has bubbled i always spray my crumbcoat with a little water just before i cover with fondant so it sticks down then i smooth out !!
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