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thank you anne 1017 the idea od the cardboard covered in fondant is a good idea !!!
this cake is gorgeous !! the cake i shall be doing the lid is standing upright and i dont know how to keep it upright ???
request for jewel box which has a lid how do i make a lid which is upright (open) ??
leafo cant thank you enough this is perfect very much appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi emergency i have a gumpaste mickey mouse to make but cannot find a tutorial for this does anybody have one or know how to do one thanks !!!!
hii want to buy some large icing nozzles online but not sure what size to get as i have noticed they come in sizes,i am looking for a large nozzle for big big swirls !! on my cupcakes
they will attach to fondant and it will be small roses but i cant seem to see them sticking with glue but i will try the piping gel never thought of that !! thanks all
i will try these ideas and thank you for the tips much appreciated !!!
hii have made gumpaste flowers for a cake but i want to attach them to the side of the cake but dont know what to use any suggestions please !!
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