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thank you danilou can i make this into an adult converse ???
hi does anyone have a tutorial or templates for a converse sneaker pleassssse x thank in advance
hi i was wondering if anyone has a tutorial on how to make and carve a pyramid cake ??
hi can anyone tell me how to make a bear grass cake topper pleeaase thank you !! just wanted to find out how to attach to cake
i eventually found lights called balloon lights instead of putting them inside balloons you can push them into cakes that was not what i seen before but they will do the trick thanks anyway !!!!
where oh where can i get mini led lights (wireless) in the uk i have seen them on ebay but now i cant find them its an emergency heeeelp !!!! for wedding cake !
thanks everyone so kind,i will look and see if we sell contact paper here in the u.k xxx
i have seen cakes on a coordinating boards i think it may be wax paper of some sort where can i buy this on the internet thanks
haha i will try this it will need support whatever happens thanks anne !!!!!
can anyone help me please !!! i have a wrestling cake to do and i was wondering what i use for the ropes that go round the ring !!!
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