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I know it's been a while since I started this post, but I'm happy to say I tried heating my marshmellows and water in 20 second intervals (3 times) stirring in between and there are no more lumps! Thanks for the advice everyone! :) I did get a new microwave, so it must have been heating it way hotter than my old one. 
Thanks everyone, I'll have to try these suggestions and see if they work, I really don't want to strain it...
   K8memphis: So what do you do for the stovetop method...just add the water and marshmellows and slowly melt over a low heat?
Ok, i wasn't done... , do you make your own and does this happen to you as well or am I doing something wrong?
I've tried different brands before, (about 2-3 different brands) and they all seem to do the same thing
I have been making homemade mmf for a while now and seem to get what I can only guess would be lumps of unmelted gelatin (it's very clear and lumpy) after I've microwaved the marshmellows and water together. Should I strain it, heat it up some more, is it the brand of marshmellows...what am I doing wrong? I have been asked to make my first wedding cake and I don't want little "bits" showing up on their cake ruining an otherwise great looking cake!
I did a Tiffany cake a few months ago and used Wilton's Teal color. I had a Tiffany bag to match it to and it was nearly perfect!
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