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I tried Rhonda's Ultimate MMF back in June when it was hot and humid and I had a really rough time with it. It was very crumbly and SO hard to roll out. Am thinking it was a heat/humidity issue. Need MMF for two cakes on Friday, is there another super popular recipe that will work well in high heat/humidity?Thx!
does it matter? when I read through the recipe thread, there didn't seem to be a definitive answer. i'm going to use the oreo filling in a kids bday cake this weekend.........thanks!
Thanks for the info............just needed some reassurance
Thanks, very helpful info. The extender recipe I have says it adds an extra 1/2box to the 18.25oz box size.
I have two cakes due on Saturday and would like to have one 100% decorated Friday night and the other, 90% done. One cake will be a 9x13 (which I'll have to bake 2 layers and I only have 1 pan (and one oven)), the other will be two tiers, 1 6" tier and 1 9" tier. The 9x13 will be covered in buttercream and the 2 tier cake, in fondant. Could I bake the 2 tier cake Thursday morning/afternoon and cover it Thursday night, then finish the decorations on Friday? I think the...
I hadn't realized until reading on these forums that the cake mix box sizes had decreased. I was wondering if using the Cake Mix Extender recipe would compensate and bring the quantity of batter back up to the amount that the 18.25oz boxes produced?I'm making two cakes for this Saturday and both are the same flavor so I'm tyring to figure out how many boxes I need. I'm making a 9x13, 6" and 9".Thanks!
If you use boxed mix, what's your favorite brand and why do you prefer it over others?
Gotcha. I read online somewhere, that when making a cupcake cake, it's best to use warm cupcakes when putting together the design as when they are warm, they are easier to push together.........
If I bake the cupcakes (about 40) and then (while still warm) cluster them together in the shape of the "cake", about how long after that would I want to wait for them to cool so I can frost/decorate them?Thanks!
Thanks, that's great to know!
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