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You might can try to cover it in ganache and pop in the will firm up really well. Just a thought
I believe you don't have to take anything out.
One of my favorites is coconut cake. I use the WASC recipe but use unsweetend coconut milk and "Cream of Coconut" (very sweet) mixed really really well (because it separates in the can-liquid and some solid so it has to be mixed really well) in place of the liquid. I also add LoAnn coconut oil. I like it much better than coconut extract. I get my Cream of Coconut at Walmart and it is usually in the alcohol section for mixed drinks. hth
No problem! Doing ganache is very very easy! Check out this video tutorial for the future...I still put buttercream on my cakes then ganache then fondant. It helps so much to keep them smooth and tastes really yummy! Fingers crossed for you!
I think using a white chocolate ganache might be the only way it will survive. Once you freeze and repair with the same buttercream, you may have the same thing happen once it is out and thawed. Unless you make a stiff buttercream but still has the potential to leak again. If there is anyway to cover the whole cake in white chocolate ganache..that's what I would recommend.
I had the same thing happen to me...what I did was put the cake in the freezer. It stopped the leaking. Then when I took it out I scrapped out the oozing part...(it was firm from being frozen somewhat) and then put some icing back in then I filled the rest with ganache! That is the key!! Ganache! Then I covered the whole cake in ganache. I had a white cake so I had white chocolate ganache. I hope you didn't trash it and will be able to save it! It worked for me and I hope...
I have always done two cake pans lined with parchment paper and bake even strips or upside down flower nail on larger pans. I still wasted so much so I just recently started doing three pans not quite as full as the two. I love the three layers of cake and two layers of filling! No excess cake (didn't have to trim because they baked even) and the cake came out exactly 4" after iced but before fondant. HTH
I don't do taste testing to go...I use that time to consult with the customer. We usually end up changing things because we are using our time bouncing ideas around. But I am curious Candice56 as to what you do? Would you mind sharing?Thank you!
Love these ideas! What do you do if they want fondant? Every cake I have made so one has had it before so that is what everyone wants to far anyway.I had my fee go towards the price of the first cake I did but I wasn't using my left over batter either. I was making them to order and found it was a lot of work. So now I just charge the one fee for my time. But may reconsider if I freeze my leftover flavors! Thank you all so much for your time!!
I am still pretty new to caking and have had a few taste testings. I am curious as to what some of you cakers do for your taste testing as far as cake goes. Do you bake a small 4", 5" or 6" cake and take the whole thing or do you make a small cake and use just a piece of it for the taste testing? Or maybe something else you do. I would love to know what other cakers do. Currently, I have made a single layer (torted) 6" cake in the flavor of their choice. I end up giving...
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