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Thanks!! I am sure that is exactly what happened!!;-) I just didn't quite get what you said I should do! I realise that it happen because I did too much work for too long... But what is the solution?
Dear all, As most of you suggested, I placed a heavy book on my cake after layering it with buttercream for couple of hours, and you can still see the end result of my cake!;-(( Please tell me what to do!! Maybe it is the way I smooth the top and surface of the fondant my cakes? Thanks as always! Neda
Ok so I made this cake for this week but it was supposed to be made for next week. It is a deep dark chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream and fresh strawberries covered with fondant. Can I put it in the freezer? Till next week? I assume not because of strawberries?? Thanks
Dear all, I found out that someone in my city has been posting cakes on her Facebook page which are taken from the internet and are most likely not hers. A friend of mine asked her specifically if she has made them herself and she said that she had made them. I am kind of sure some of the cakes are not hers. But I don't know how to find out. I am going to post two of them here and if you know the designer(s) please let me know. Maybe they are hers after all!;-)  
Thanks so much for the replies!! I will definitely look into cake bulging!
Hi everyone, I need to deliver a cake for a competition to a place which is two hours away from where I live and it's 45 degrees outside. Although the car has AC but I am sure the three tier cake would not survive!   Is it possible to put the fondant covered cake in the freezer the night before so by the time it's delivered, it would still be in a good shape?   I am panicking now since I am sure the cake would melt by the time I get there! Please let me know what you...
Ok so I have had this problem few times that I smooth the buttercream very nicely on a cake, put it in the fridge for the night and in the morning I cover it with fondant. In the beginning the cake looks great straight edges... but the more I work with it in the middle or I guess the places that the layers of cake are placed the fondant moved inside. So when you look at the cake from the side you don't see a straight profile, you see a curved profile.(Like a C on the right...
Thanks will add some more chocolate!! TO what temperature should I melt them?
Hi everyone, I am trying to use dark chocolate ganache for under my fondant for the first time because of the great share edges and the fact that I thought it would keep firm outside in the room temperature!   However I made the ganache(used cream even less than 2:1) and after around 16 hours being outside the fridge it has not set up and hardened yet! I have to admit that the temperature in my kitchen is around 30 C. We leave in a very hot weather and I need to...
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