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Thank you Ladies for your help! Sassyzan, this just happened with only one of my recipe. In this recipe 5 eggs, I will take out one egg white and will see. 
Could you help me ladies, please! I finally found good scratch recipe for my yellow cake, but every time I bake cakes shrink a lot on the top edges. I bake them in 325 F with magic stripe. On this picture two of them baked with wilton stripes and one of them (lighter one) with homemade stripe. It`s shrink so much, what I need to use 2 inches larger pan then cake should be.         
Hello Ladies, I live in Loudoun county and got my permit last June. For me it was pretty easy process but time consuming. Here is my step-by-step: 1. File LLC. 2. Obtain EIN (employer ind.number) 3. Register Business Name 4. Obtain local business number 5. Obtain Home occupation permit 6. Obtain Virginia state Taxpayer ID Number 7. Obtain Business insurance 8. Open a business checking account.   From this list I didn`t open business checking account...
Thank you for your help!! It works
I bake 350F. How low it should be? 325 or 300?
I got cake dome every time I bake in the 6x3 inches pans and strips don`t help. I need any advise.
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