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Thanks everyone. You have been a big help as usual. 
sorry here it is 
Everyone is talking about this amazing cake. How did they get that texture? Any ideas!?   Thanks
I have been struggling with learning new techniques and just having other cake buddies to talk to in person. I think we should start a cake club in Sac. Anyone in??? I have a shop we can meet at or we can take turns at different peoples houses. Taste new recipes, practice flower ideas, decorate cookies whatever.    Whatcha think 
I make cupcakes. They are easier for me to make. I will usually do chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet. I give 2-3 cupcakes of each flavor cut into fourths. I also have several little cups of frostings, fillings, and fondant. Then the customer can mix and match which flavors they like. I have had a positive response from these tastings because they feel they are creating something special rather than picking from a list. I box up the extras and send them home.    It...
I make these cakes a lot. If you do not need the hat and just the ears use fondant or gumpaste cut thick. Insert a popsicle stick halfway in and pinch the edges of the ears to make them appear thinner.  Make sure you let the ears dry completely on a flat surface (cornstarch the sides so they don't stick). The sticks let the ears be inserted into the top of the cake. I usually make mine out of white fondant and paint them black once they are dry. I do this because black...
I do these all the time. People love them. We charge $1.75 for our 'truffles' and $2 if they are on a stick. That is for sprinkles on top. Flowers or shapes are extra. I recently seen some pops for sale at a local supermarket for $2 each. 
Oh yeah,   Dont forget to put a dowl down the whole thing to hold it in place. The dummy really aided in the overall support.
It is carved slightly. This customer did not want to serve very many people. So, I did a 7in dummy on the bottom with two 7in cakes on top. If you use a 6in cardboard in between the two 7in cakes you will have enough support and still have enough room to slightly curve the hat.   The exaggerated top was done by adding a pieces of cupcakes and cake ball crumbs (already mixed with frosting). You just add the extra cake scraps to the top and fill in with the cake ball...
  Cover it in white fondant then paint the red stripes and outline in black.          
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