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If you're using american buttercream and getting bubbles one trick we use is to use the whip attachment and mix on low speed for 10 minutes. smooth as silk!  
Debbie Brown's book "Gorgeous and Gruesome Children's cakes" has the tutorial, page 20. I have the book LOL. Here's her pic from the book -
Design studio is a software program that helps layout the shapes you're about to cut. You do need to have the cartridge that goes with the shape though. We use the cricut cake but use it with make the cut software, cricut has disable the ablility to do so with their later models. I wouldn't buy another cricut because of this.
This is a great logo - very graphic. I'd go with a graphic style cake. Four tiers (7,9,11,13 rounds) each tier a different shade of blues or white. You could cover each tier with a different pattern keeping with the style of the logo. Stephen Bennison or Lindy SMith cutters would be great for this.
Are you drying the building pieces prior to application? If so I'd go with a 50/50 gumpaste fondant mix or all gumpaste. If not, you could still go with the blend, or just fondant. CHocolate would work too, but might add more weight vs. the mix or fondant.
Here's a few tips and tricks I've learned along the way for our American Buttercream which we use to ice and prep our cakes for fondant (ours is a sweetex/butter mix):- we use a butter / shortening blend which works well for us in our climate (the northeast) Climate & humidity will dictate how to make your buttercream. If you live in a hot/humid climate an all shortening buttercream may be the best option. We use a 2:1 (shortening to butter) split.- use a paddle...
Im looking for cute cupcake packaging, any suggestions on where I can find?
I'm at a loss on what to charge for something like this, I'm located in NJ. Any insight is appreciated.
I'm looking for this mold - feel like I've looked everywhere! Any suggestions?
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