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A friend of miness would like me to make her a 3D Hennessy liquor bottle I’ve made the 2D version (laying down) but I dont know what size cakes to start with and how to go from there. She needs it to feed about 20 people, so what size cakes should I use and how would I make the handle?   any tips will be greatly appreciated
Any good pink lemonade cake recipes using the WASC recipe??
I would like to make a checkerboard pattern around a 8" cake, similar to this:   Do I have to use a specific size square cutter?
I'm baking a rum cake tonight using the WASC recipe. Do I substitute the 1 cup of water for 1 cup of rum or should I do half water, half rum?   And I'm using the Wray and Nephew White Rum. I made this recipe before with Bacardi rum but I cant remember how much I used. But the Wray and Nephew rum is much stronger so I didnt want to over power the cake.   TIA!
Great ideas! Thank you all
I’m making a shoe box similar to this, except the box will be fuschia…how do I go about making the name “Louboutin?”   Do I have to hand paint it on, or are there other options besides edible image? The edible image would work best on a white box, but not a fuschia colored box :-/
How can I do this?
Thank you!!  
Im sorry   Here it is
Thanks for all the feedback.   I am not interested in the rolling pins with the LV logo, I was wondering where would I find a rolling pin that makes the texture found around the cake, on the brown squares? Thats what I was referring to.   As for the number 25 using the disco dust sounds like a great idea, but how do I put it on? Do I brush it on like luster dust?? And what support would I use to stick it in the cake, toothpicks, dowels?
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