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A friend just inquired about a Valentines Day themed cake for her 1 year old son. His birthday is Feb 14 and she would like some ideas, but I have NO idea what kind of cake to make for a 1 year old boy with this theme.   Any ideas??
The cake sizes you chose seem like a great idea. You can even use 6x6 instead of the 4x4.   I think you should do a double layer and not a single layer, especially because the restaurant part has a curved design so you would need to do some cutting on the 10x10 to acheieve the desired look.   As for the modeling chocolate, I'm not sure because I never worked with it. So maybe someone can chime in and help you out
Wow, you did a great job!
And this is why I have a love hate relationship when it comes to making cake pops   What type of chocolate did you use?   And what process did you use to make the cake pops?   Maybe we can start there to figure out what happened.
Depending on how many cupcakes, I usually just let them cool on a wire rack, then I place them back in the cupcake baking pan and then cover with wax paper, and leave them on the counter.   If I were doing a bunch of cupcakes then I would put them in a air tight container, using the same process, covering with wax paper or saran wrap. I just line them up and cover with one layer.   They stay nice and moist and dont dry out at all
Not really sure what could have happened since you've been using the same recipe for while. First thing that did come to mind was that maybe its the ingredients your using. Did you try a new brand or maybe the brand your using changed its chemical makeup of its ingredient.   Here's a great tip, which might help with the "oil" factor, substitute apple sauce for equal amounts of vegetable oil that you use in your cake recipes. Its healthier, creates a very moist cake, and...
I give deals for cupcakes cakes. I usually do any cupcake cake, which includes 24 cupcakes, for $50 and up...depending on the design. If the customer needs more cupcakes I add on a extra $15 per dozen   So for something similar to what you made I would have charged about $75, which includes the price of the decorations
Never tried this, but it sounds like a great idea. Thanks
I use the WASC recipe for all my cake recipes and cupcakes   Here's the link to the one I use   I never had a problem using this recipe to make cupcakes. If you try this recipe and it continues, maybe you should try a different brand of cupcake liners
Something I do when I bake cupcakes, when they are completely cooled, I put a sheet of wax paper over them and leave them on the counter to frost later or the next day
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