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THanks! Much appreciated!
      How much should I sell a cake of this size and detail work, not necessarily this Optimus Prime, but similar? The cake slab is vanilla/vanilla (20"x13") and the standing structure is rice cereal covered with fondant.         
I want to order some lustre dust and would like recommendations. I have never used it before.   TIA!
Well it turned out fine! Maybe a little on the dense and moist side as opposed to fluffy and light, but that absolutely acceptable in my book! Thanks for the responses. 
I absentmindedly reached for the vegetable oil instead of the shortening called for in the recipe. Will it still turn out? thanks in advance!
I've tried this with silver paint before but I found it to be streaky and not as solid. I only used one coat though. Maybe I should've done a few additional ones.
Hmm I think I used Wilton's "shimmer" dust as opposed to a luster dust. I'll order some luster dust and highlighter dust.THe only problem is every site I look up says "highlighter dust" is not edible.
Yeah my mix got very gooey. I don't think I used the right dust. Thank you so much for all this info. I'll give it another try.
Petal, pearl, luster, highlighter, etc, etc, etc....all those dusts are confusing to me. I'm not sure which one to use for what. How do I achieve a perfectly solid metallic or gold colour to recreate things like shinny coins by paining it on? I've tried mixing dust with vodka but it got very gooey. I can't remember what kind of dust I used. I've also tried airbrushing, which worked out beautifully but I'd like to try the paint on method.TIA
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