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To clarify, she was referring to the shipping charge on international subscriptions. Initially it was going to automatically happen, but so far more than 50% of international subscribers who have chosen to continue in the digital format have written asking to have that amount applied as an extension on the subscription rather than having a refund issued, so we need to prepare a communication to international subscribers who chose to continue in the digital format, letting...
As soon as your refund is processed and issued, you will receive another email letting you know that it has taken place so you can be looking for it.Since it's stated by Jackie that international subscriptions will be automatically refunded, (no request for a refund needed) I'm wondering (since, I'm International) if an estimate can be given on how long that will be?Thank you
Not more than a few days past, I asked a legitimate question about the latest issue of Cake Central magazine that we were assured would arrive in the mail, the first few days of January, 2012, but, did not. Being away for a meeting, I've just logged back on to see if my question garnered a response, & lo & behold, I see my post with question, has been deleted. Not at all unexpected, as deleting posts, as well as locking posts to any replies, seems to be the standard...
This thread was over two months ago. As it ended then, no one was right, no one was wrong. It all boiled down to what you yourself allow or do not allow in your own home, when it comes to your guests shoes. With the exception of countries that it is customary to remove one's shoes before entering a person's home, of course. Shoes on, shoes off. Shoes off because of tradition. It's all good.
Thanks Evoir!
Lol! Reading magifiers are a wonderful thing!
You can see they have a ridge at 1:25 on the video also. They're sans coating in that part, and the middle ridge is visable.
I checked the order page to see if they had info on international shipping, which they state they do, an extra $10 on the website, but the address, zip (postal code for me) fill in page, is only for the US?The price is shown as 19.99 plus $6.99 shipping, but if you want the deal, two pans for one, you have to pay an additional 6.99 shipping charge.But... If you watch the video, its states, call about free shipping? And... if you're quick to notice, at the very start of the...
Here's a link to Rose Levy Beranbaum's alternative to heavy cream ganaches article. A recipe for soy milk ganache is included.
Found this mango cake recipe from Plugra butter, that uses pureed mango. It sounds lovely!The Mango cake. Raspberry mango Italian buttercream to accompany the cake.
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