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I use just the pearl dust. However, I have never put it on Brown.? I think that is all you want though? The luster dust is different than the pearl dust. Luster dust won't give you the same effect. I personally LOVE pearl dust!! It is so pretty on fondant!! Not sure if this helps, but I hope so. Good luck and happy decorating!
I mix up my cake and frosting, (I only use a tablespoon or so of frosting also, to a whole crumbled cake) cover the bowl with foil, leave in the freezer overnight.  Then pull them out, put layers of wax paper down in an airtight container, roll my balls up, lay them single file in the container, then I stick them back in the freezer until ready to use.  I have used them up to 3 weeks later.  People still love them. I don't think it affects the taste at all.  Just my...
I agree with Lcubed82. I only use a tablespoon or two in my cake pops. Otherwise, they don't stay on the stick, and the texture is just too mushy. I am "old school" cake pops. I use leftover cake scraps, crumble them, and add frosting. I know some people use the cake ball/pop pan, and make them using straight cake. Personally, I don't like those as well. I crumble my cake, add frosting, cover and freeze for a couple hours. (or overnight) Then pull the bowl out,...
there are molds that make the pearl as a whole, not just half the pearl. You can get them on Global Sugar. Not sure of the maker right now, as I am not in the kitchen. PM me if you need the name
I forgot to mention that the cake is in my pictures. Feel free to take a look if you think it will help.Happy Decorating!!
I have made a cake with those types of tools, and I just hand made them out of fondant, with a little tylose powder in it. I had the real tool sitting next to me, to help me figure out how to mold it. It worked out great.
Thank you so much for your imput! I think I am going to experiment on a small 6' , just to see what happens with colors and stacking. I am going to do the thin layers, starting with the yellow cake mix. (as I have heard from here that it shouldn't matter too much), and then of course use the Ameri Color Gel Colors.
That is what I was thinking regarding the yellow cake mix. You are coloring the batter anyway? Hopefully it wouldn't change the coloring too much since you started with the yellow tint.?Thank you for your quick reply!!anybody else????
I have been asked to make the Rainbow Cake with the different colored layers. What I am wondering is can I start with a box Cake Mix? If so, do I have to use White Cake? Any White cake from a mix I have ever made has tasted like cardboard...I refuse to make them. I usually start with a Yellow Cake mix and add pudding, etc. to it. I am just wondering who has done one of these cakes, and what type of cake did you start with? Any suggestions on how to would be helpful!!...
There is a recipe in the recipe section that is called crusting cream cheese that works great.
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