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Hi all!   I have a cake to do in a burberry plaid pattern.  I have seen some done with the plaid edible sugar/icing sheets.  Any help on where I can get them?  I don't have an edible printer.  I figure I'm going to have to do fondant stripes if I can't figure out where to get them.  Thanks for any advice! :)
Wow! That seems like a lot of butter for that much powdered sugar. Can you decorate with it? Does it have an overwhelming buttery taste? Thanks again!
hmmmmmm, where is the recipe? thanks for your help.
I have had a request for a strawberry "whipped" frosting. They don't like the sweetness of buttercream. Does anyone have a good recipe for me? It needs to pair with chocolate cake and strawberry mousse for the filling. I need to be able to decorate a 2D ferrari cut out of a sheet cake, so it can't be too soft. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
here's another one that's what i'm going for: like these buttons are done in buttercream also
would i mark the cake somehow with lines to follow or just trust my not so very steady hand? and as far as the buttons, i guess i just do them one by one and hope they're about the same size? are they kind of flatter than a pearl? i have done pearl necklaces freehand, but i'm worried about these buttons. you guys are so very helpful! thanks!
I never promised I could do the fabric look. She is happy with the smooth buttercream with the buttons. But, I did find two pictures here on CC that are done in buttercream that have that look. Here's one... know it can be done with a very steady hand, but I wasn't sure what tip it would be. I just thought I would try and see if I could do it.
I have a wedding cake next month. The bride chose the design that looks like a fabric wedding dress with the buttons down the front. It's usually done in fondant, but she wants it done in buttercream. IF I was to try the fabric effect what tip would I use? I told her I would probably frost it smooth and then do the buttons and she is happy with that. Do I do the buttons in buttercream or make them from fondant? How do you make them with fondant so they're all the...
aha! perfect! i had no idea half round pans existed. makes it seem alot more doable now! thanks so much!!
I have a three tier wedding cake coming up. Very simple design, three tiers, 18,14, and 10. I have never handled an 18" tier before. Any help? Advice? What do I flip it onto to cool? Do they make cooling racks that big? How on earth do I torte it and lift half off and then put it back on? Any suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated! TIA...
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