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Oh my gosh, I laughed so loud! That is great!!! Too funny!
South Dakota is a fellow CC'er! I adore that cake and that was the one I was planning on using for inspiration for my Birthday cake. (which will now be a house warming cake) !!
So sorry this happened! I can relate though, had my 1st a few weeks back. Never fun! The before picture looks great!!
Joint Compound!!!!!This will last forever and you can color it with acrylic paint so NO fading!! You can mix the color right in and make your decorations.People use this to make fake cakes that have no edible material on them. They look cute and last forever as decorations!!! HTH
Keep 'em coming!!!! I love looking at all the progress!!!
I just looked at everyones photos and you guys are Great!!!!I am all for the award!!! My 1st was not so bad-that's what started my addiction-I have had a bad one after that... Oh well.Here are...
Of course I'll have to share that one!!!! Thanks so much for the nice comment sandi4ptc! I was waving it around my kitchen at my DH after it had dried....he could only laugh!! He knew I was having fun and he knew I was very proud of it!!!
Lettering:I chose a font I liked, printed it out, taped wax paper over it and traced it with RI. Once that was dry I dusted it w/ luster and slowly peeled the was paper back so it wouldn't brake the lettering. Some of them were so thin in areas that I went through 3 or 4 before I could keep it in one piece. Auryn:I was sooooo wanting to do that book but her budget didn't allow-I think I am just going to do it for fun!!! Thanks again for the great comments!!!
Thanks so much guys!!! I just had so much fun making this I just HAD to share!! My Husband found the font and it wasn't quite what I wanted so he altered it a bit (he's a graphic designer so he can do all that stuff ). Someone asked how I dustes the letters...same way you dust anything. I just used a little bit of vodka w/ the luster dust and painted right on the letters-then I peeled them off the waxed paper and applied to the cake. HTHThanks again for all the wonderful...
Where are you located???
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