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Ok I made some white choc ganache a few hours ago and you guys were right! It tastes great! Its not set yet of course but I tasted some on vanilla cake and I loved it. Not too sweet at all. This will go great with buttercream filling. I used some nestle white choc chips. Not sure if thats considered a "quality" white choc but it tastes good to me! )
Thanks! Do you add any flavorings to yours??
Hi Marianna! Thanks so much...I really dont want to completely erase the chocolate flavor, I guess Im just concerned that some people might not like white chocolate or that it might be too sweet. I think I am going to maybe do part ganache, part buttercream. That way, it will firm up a little before I put the fondant on. I have no clue how that will turn out but it wont hurt to try. I'm just really searching for the perfect complementing flavor to my white cakes )
Thanks ladies! I guess the best way to find that perfect flavor is to experiment! I'm gonna try just some regular white chocolate chips and add some vanilla to it and see what happens, LOL. )@Hollyberry, the ratio for white chocolate ganache should be 3:1, so 36 ounces white chocolate to 12 ounces cream (just an example).
I handpainted the logo and the letters. I had a picture of the logo right in front me so I wouldn't mess it up!
Here is a pic of the finished cake. I decided to just go with one shirt because the cake was HUGE already and even with serving about 40 people, we still had leftover. Thanks soooo much for your help!
Ok so I need some help ) I usually ganache my cakes before I cover with fondant because it I love how super smooth I can get my fondant with it. However, with my almond/vanilla (non chocolate) cakes I think buttercream tastes better. Problem is I can't get it anywhere near as smooth as ganache and if I use too much, then you know I'll have lumpy looking fondant ( SO my question is, I've heard you can use white chocolate ganache and I'm wondering if anyone has had success...
Yes, totally makes sense and doable! I thought it looked like she might have done it as you described (putting a strip of fondant on the edges vs covering the whole thing in fondant) but it was hard to tell from the pic. So I'm thinking each layer (shirt) would be about 1 inch tall since I generally bake 2 inch tall layers and tort. Marianna, thank you sooo much for your input!!!
Hello there everyone!! My hubbie's bday is coming up and absolutely loves polo t-shirts (I think he may just have one in every color). I would love to make him this cake as shown here >>> and am wondering how to go about it. Is every shirt a separate cake layer, covered in fondant? I'm pretty sure I can figure out the shoe box but I am trying to figure out the best way to tackle the stacked look of the shirts. How would you...
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