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  Why don't you join Anna? I wanna see a picture of that $340 cake, lol!
When I first started selling cakes, I did not specify a minimum order requirement, but I learned quickly.  Anyway, I had a lady contact me yesterday about getting a 3D purse cake done. I told her the price, and she said "Oh, I only need enough for 7 people." I guess she was hoping that would effect the price. Uh no. I have a 25 serving minimum. How would I even begin to measure out ingredients for 7 people? I politely told her I have a minimum order of 25 servings...
OMG this made me LOL. I had one lady ask me how much for my Wall-E cake (see my album) and when I quoted her a price, she said she was only looking to spend $50. COULD. NOT. BELIEVE. IT.
No no no. $200 is waaay too low for that amount of servings. Red lobster charges $6.25 for ONE slice of chocolate cake. Not decorated, not custom, not made to order. If you took that many people to red lobster and ordered cake, you'd be paying $750 for some half frozen cake. Do not set your prices based on what people can afford---that's not your problem. Set your prices based on what you think your time is worth. If you think your time is only worth a few bucks an hour,...
here is the link to the blog I was reading >>>   Actually, she stated $340, not $350. Judging from the info on her profile, the wedding has come and gone, but interestingly enough, I could not find a pic of this $340 cake. I was dying to see how it came out!
That's what I was thinking. ;) The amount of work that goes into a cake like this is worth, at the very least $1,000, in my opinion.
Here it is!    
I didn't see a Price the Cake thread for today, so here we go :)   *This is not my cake*   I came across a blog yesterday where a young lady said she had found someone to do this cake for her for $350. I couldn't believe it. Anyway, assuming the tiers are 14, 12, 10, 8 (X2), and 6 in, this would be about 178 servings (per Earlene's serving chart). Here in Central Texas, I would charge $6 per serving for a cake like this (plus extra due to the bling and flowers)....
LOL, I dont even own a 16' pan. Biggest I have is 14. Anyway $5 a serving, so $1250 for 250 servings plus delivery (varies per location). I'm in central Texas, by Austin.
Thank you!!! cake was not actually for a customer. I made that as a practice cake. In fact alot of the cakes I made last year were practice cakes. Selling cakes made in a home kitchen was not legal in Texas until late last year and so alot of the cakes I did up until that point were just for fun or for family. Anywho, that cake feeds about 25 people and so I'd charge a customer $225 for that particular size. A larger violin would of course cost more.
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