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Haha! I think your price is very fair! :) How many servings is that? (I don't feel like adding up all those tiers, lol)
K8......Bwahahaha! Touche' ;)    Honestly, I would charge $6 per serving for this cake. It's not a super complicated design and I know it would not take me quite as long as say a 3D robot or something. Not that $8 per serving is unreasonable at all.
Thats an awesome cake. So Crazy Gray, what would you charge for this beauty?
K8, you're saying $800 for a 3d book cake that serves 100? Girl, you make me wanna raise my prices.
As the OP of the whole thread, I can tell you my intent was genuinely to compare prices on said cake. I LOVE threads that compare pricing. The only reason to bring up the price quoted to the bride was to point out the fact that the work put into a cake like that would far exceed $340, even in Podunk KY, as someone mentioned.. Thus, the question of what everyone else would charge. I HIGHLY doubt the bride will ever see this thread, but if she does happen to stumble upon...
FromScratch, you are so right about using a 9 inch instead of 8 inch. I didn't even think about going larger for the concave shape. But see, that's why you get to charge $3500 .
310 servings? That is alot of cake. The serving sizes were assumed according to the picture and Earlene's serving size chart. The chart I used has larger serving sizes than the Wilton chart. Either way, I still don't think 3,000 would be unreasonable. That's alot of work!!
PLEASE do share!  
Thank you kindly! Please do share. Copy and paste it even, I just want people to GET IT!
Your cakes are lovely!!
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