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Hi, I'm totally in. I have so much to learn! One of my recent cakes I'd love some feedback. Thanks so much
Thanks everyone!
Does anyone have any preferred companies that you get you boxes, cake boards, and cake drums from? Thanks! Dee
Has anyone used freeze dried fruit powders in buttercream frosting? Does it work well? Thanks!
Has anyone here tried Icing Genius? Is it any good? I'm looking for good flavorings for my buttercream. I'm looking at that or using fruit powder (pulverized freeze dried fruit.) Thanks, Dee
I'm over here hee-hawing like a donkey. After the lady verified that it was indeed EIGHT servings that she wanted, she also said it had to be 3 tiers. That's the moment I thought it was a joke and I was being punked...I think we should scratch the cake and I could make these instead:
Thanks for the advice, Rae! I'm thinking she will tell me to take a hike after I give her a price, though ya never know these days.... D.
BTW, I'm still laughing my butt off. When she told me the servings I was like....did you just say 8 or 80? I kept telling myself there has to be weirder cake requests out there.....
You pretty much hit that on the nail! LMAO! That was exactly what I was thinking but Im trying to be accomodating (MIL's good friend) but grief I can't always pull magic out of my butt, not that I have a ton of cake magic anyways. People see these great cakes on TV and then want one for their 5 y/ olds birthday party and expect to pay $40. I would no way do the cake for that cheap, I'm just wondering about practical pan sizes for a tt cake on a smaller scale. Also, I'm...
I was shown a picture of a 3 tiered topsy turvy cake and asked to give a quote for the price. I of course asked for how many people and she said 8 (EIGHT, LOL!) I don't have experience with tOpsy turvy cakes but I figure it's time to learn. Anyone have any suggestion for pan sizes for a smaller tt cake? Would a 8, 6, 4 work? I'm not even sure what to charge for this. It's fondant covered, zebra striped with a few other embellishments. Any advice would greatly appreciated!-D
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